T56 Reverse Lockout Solenoid Controller (Pigtails Sold Separately)

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T56, T56 Magnum, TR-6060 Reverse Lockout Control Module

  • Great upgrade for classic cars!
  • The T56 Module is great at helping with inadvertent shifting (and grinding) into reverse gear while shifting into 5th gear
  • This lockout module is an essential piece of equipment because of the close proximity of 5th gear next to other gears on the T56/TR-6060 models
  • The T56 Module is an essential addition to your classic car to help eliminate the possibility of grinding the transmission gears and potentially causing damage
  • The Reverse Lockout Control Module is programmed to prevent the transmission from going into reverse unless the car has slowed to under 5 mph
  • A must-have upgrade for your T56, T56 Magnum, and TR-6060 6-speeds!
  • If you purchased our T56 Reverse Lockout Control Module, you will also need to pick up one of our pigtails/connectors to plug into you Reverse Lockout Solenoid in the transmission.

NOTE:  This Control Module does NOT come with any pigtails.  We sell those separately  HERE!

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